1. 2headedsnake:

    Max Capacity

  2. Kraftwerk - “neon lights”

  3. Lou Reed - “the gun”

  4. Realistic Mario - Brick Block

  5. fuckyeahveganlife:

    rob bigwood. vegan.

    This guy is the man. #veganism #armwrestling

    (via rbigwood)

  6. Here enjoy this, my last Cabs post for a while at least.
    “spies in the wires”

  7. dammit wrong blog

    uh… huh huh

  8. Wow, didn’t know I was accumulating followers on this blog

    Greetings. I’ll have to start posting more goth rock to this. And possibly other stuff? Industrial? Darkwave? Whatever you want. #FF And maybe bring you guys over to my other blogs. Muahahaha…